New Online Workshop for Coaches Struggling to Find a Niche They Love

Use this step-by-step process to know EXACTLY who you’ll help and what you’ll help them with

... even if you've been wobbling between niches for months or years

In this self-paced workshop, I’ll help you…

  • Uncover the ideal client you are most excited to work with and can actually afford to pay you
  • Connect with your inner compass and let it guide you towards choosing your perfect niche
  • Articulate your niche quickly so your ideal clients immediately understand you can help them
  • Move past your fears -- the fear of missing out, the fear of choosing the wrong niche, the fear of getting bored, the fear of limiting yourself to just one, and the fear of not having enough experience
  • Find your ‘Goldilocks’ niche -- one that's not too narrow and not too broad - it feels just right
  • Get clear on your expertise and genius (that hidden superpower that makes you uniquely you)

So that by the end of the workshop, you find a niche that…

  • Feels fantastic: it matches your unique personality and genius, your experience, and is meaningful for you
  • Inspires You: it GIVES you energy (ie. working with people you love and lift you up means you never have to work a day in your life).
  • Has Money: Critically, the niche has plenty of people who not only have the money to pay you, they actively want to invest in themselves (and hire you)

You get lifetime access to the workshop.

30-Day “Love It or Leave It” 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the Find Your Best Fit Niche workshop for whatever reason, you're covered by my 30-day 100% money back guarantee. No questions. No hassles.

I would say I wish I would have had something this clear and helpful when I started trying to figure out my niche

I decided to join the Find Your Best Fit Niche Workshop because I am now looking to create less manual and more 'automated' systems and I knew that I really have to dial into my niche & messaging for that. My biggest insight was how ready I am to really expand my business reach in 2022. It was my biggest take-away and validation. To anyone on the fence about joining, I would say I wish I would have had something this clear and helpful when I started trying to figure out my niche (2019). I really enjoyed the whole process because it felt really organic and natural. Clear steps/ tasks building on top of each other. My biggest win was CLARITY in my niche and who I am talking to is my win. And the joy I am feeling in anticipation.

Nadia Krauss

Soul Health Mentor