Why Marketing is NOT a 4-Letter Word

Why Marketing is NOT a 4-Letter Word

I have a lot of coaches in my community who hate marketing.

Perhaps you’re one of them?

If so, I invite you to think about marketing a bit differently than you have in the past.

See, marketing has a bunch of words that are unappealing to many coaches.

Words like…

  • funnel
  • lead
  • lead magnet
  • prospect
  • campaign
  • tribe

I’m sure I’m missing a few fun ones, but you get the idea.

No wonder you don’t love marketing.

Who wants to create a campaign to drag or pull a “prospect” out of the tribe and through a funnel with a lead magnet? 

Sounds horrible, doesn’t it?

What if we changed the words above to something more like this...

  • funnel > journey
  • lead > potential client
  • lead magnet > freebie giveaway
  • prospect > potential client
  • campaign > journey
  • tribe > community

Better, right?

I invite you to think of marketing as a way for you to coach and teach a community of like-minded people. People who want to learn from you and be coached by you.

Here’s how simple it can be. In my marketing, I…

  • Invite people to take a quiz that tells them about their coaching genius type and how it can help / hinder their coaching business
  • Make an offer for the Coaching Genius video training, an online course that gives them strategies and helps them think differently about their coaching business
  • Share with them some lessons I’ve learned and things to watch out for when building their business
  • Make an offer for my coaching or courses every once and a while
  • Keep providing valuable content knowing that some people will buy my courses and/or coaching, and some people will just enjoy my free content.

Nothing about my marketing (or business for that matter) makes me feel sleazy or sales-y.

And I know that through my business I’m fulfilling my purpose.

Does thinking about marketing as a way to coach and teach change things for you?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

With love & joy,


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