What the heck?

What the heck?

Yesterday a gal on Instagram sent me a DM after she’d read one of my posts…

“What the heck is a coaching framework?”

Great question!

If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ve probably heard me mention how important it is to have your own proprietary, unique to you coaching framework.

But… what exactly is it?

Simply put, a Coaching Framework is the process you take your clients through to help them go from where they are when they first begin working with you, all the way to helping them achieve the transformation they came to you for.

The process includes the main pieces required to get them there. Depending on the framework, it can include goals, milestones, activities, conversations, knowledge, skills, habits, etc. that help them get there.

Here’s why I recommend that every coach should have their own framework…

You stand out from other coaches.

Many coaches use the coaching methodology provided by their certification program or other programs they’ve gone through. That means that they sound like everyone else in that program, saying the same things. Which makes it difficult for clients to decide who they want to work with.

You can become a master at that coaching framework.

Think about it like this. If you’ve got a process that you take your clients through, you’re just going to get better and better the more clients you work with. If you wing it with every client, there’s no real way you’re going to be able to master your process for helping clients get results.

You get faster and more efficient.

As you work with more and more clients helping them get to the transformation, it’s going to get very clear to you what changes need to be made to make it even better for your clients. You’ll see what needs to be added, adjusted, and streamlined. And the faster you are able to help your clients make permanent lasting change, the more they’re going to tell everyone they know about you. More referrals means more time coaching and less time spent selling or marketing your business.

You understand what can be taught and what needs to be coached.

Most coaches have to do a fair amount of teaching when they coach, even if they’re in a niche that is mostly mindset and belief systems. You’ll start to see where you’re repeating yourself (boring) and figure out ways you can teach that part, such as videos, workbooks, worksheets, guides, etc. Everything that is specific to the client is left for the coaching calls. They get that personal touch that only you can provide. And that’s much more fun.

Plus, you become the go to person in your niche.

Imagine being THE coach in your niche who can help get her clients results faster and easier than any other coach out there. What do you think that would do for your business?

And here’s what’s really cool…

These are just the external benefits.

I haven’t even talked about the incredible boost in confidence you feel when you have your own coaching framework.

Knowing that you’ll always be able to help your clients get results?


I’ve personally helped almost 400 coaches develop their coaching framework.

And I’d love to help you, too.

That’s why this week I invite you to join me for a Coaching Framework Clarity Call.

In just 90 minutes together you’ll get clear on what your coaching process is and how to package it up into a full proprietary Coaching Framework.

It will be the best time and money you’ve spent to build your business. Guaranteed.

Sign up here

With love & joy,


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