What not to do on your website

What not to do on your website

Last week I talked about a serious mistake that coaches make when developing their websites...

Emulating someone else's website — either another coach or a "celebrity" site.

(check it out here if you missed it)

Today, I want to talk more about why it's a mistake.

See, in both cases, whether it's a coach or a celebrity, it's often all about them.

Big gigantic pictures of themselves.

THEIR story.

Why they're amazing — certifications, awards, where they've been featured, and so on.

The homepage is like a big billboard for that person.

Think about the last time you saw one of these websites.

Were you impressed?

Were you sucked in to continue exploring the site?

Did you think, "I'm convinced. I'm going to hire this person, buy their program, read their book."

My guess is probably not.

You probably did one of two things.

Left because there wasn't anything related to what you were looking for.

Or you skimmed and scanned trying to find something that did interest you.

If you didn't find it, then you left.

You don't want your homepage to be a big billboard for YOU.

Your potential clients don't care about you yet.

They care about themselves.

Their problems.

Their hopes and dreams.

They are there to see if you can help them.

So your #1 goal with your website is to convey HOW you can help them with the specific transformation you provide.

And, of course, using your unique genius to do so.

Let that percolate and we'll talk about it more next week.

With love & joy,


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