What can my first hater email teach you about your coaching business?

What can my first hater email teach you about your coaching business?

After an email I sent my list last week, I received my first “hater” email in response. There are quite a few business lessons in it, so I thought I’d share…

This is what she wrote:

“If you are a PH. D, you should know when to use possibly instead of possible. Your advertising gimmick was LAME! I am unsubscribing.”

So why do I think there are business lessons here?


Because… if you’re in business, you’re going to get hater emails. And if you post on social media, you’re going to get hater social media replies.

Especially YouTube. Have you seen some of those? They’re not for the meek.  

It’s going to happen and we can’t let it stop us from putting ourselves out there.

Let’s dissect her email because there are some juicy business lessons there as well.

“If you are a PH. D, you should know when to use possibly instead of possible.”

This part made me laugh out loud for a couple of reasons.

Here’s why…

First, even with a Ph.D., I’m going to make spelling and grammatical errors in my emails. Because here’s the thing…

It’s much more important for me to put myself out there, flaws and all, then to wait until everything is perfect. 

Perfection is a business killer!

Second, it took me a very long time to stop writing like a Ph.D. and start writing with a more casual style. My son, who is a marketing consultant, used to tell me that my emails sounded like an old college professor.

Coaches have to know me in order to invest in one of my coaching programs or courses. They won't do that if I sound like I’m writing my dissertation or a research paper.

Same goes for you.

Let your personality shine through all your marketing efforts, whether it's online or off. Let people get to know YOU.

Okay, second part of the hater email…

“Your advertising gimmick was LAME! I am unsubscribing.”

The hater email came as a response to an email I wrote about a special promotion I was doing around my business strategy call.

First, as a business coach with a very specific specialization, I market my services to new and emerging female coaches who want to become six-figure coaches. The best way for me to attract new clients is to let them get to know me and show them what I can do for them. The best way to do that is for us to have a call together.

It’s my business model. Not a marketing gimmick.

Second, the hater is most likely a business owner, or wants to be, so being critical of other business owners’ efforts at marketing their businesses seems odd to me.

Finally, the fact that she unsubscribed is good news for me. I knew from her response that she would not be someone I wanted to work with anyway.

I want to work with women who are HELL YES! Not only do they love to work with me, but they focus on what’s important…

Growing their business.

The clients I work with don’t waste their time writing hater emails. They’re too busy building amazing businesses that impact others in a positive way, while creating lives they love.

How about you? Have you gotten any hater emails? Find any lessons in them? Share them in the comments below. 

With love & joy,

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