The super powered bucket list

The super powered bucket list

I'm not a big believer in having a bucket list that is just a list. 

It just becomes this thing that we do once and set aside.

And then we pull it out of a drawer while decluttering five years later, and think "Oh Yeah, I forgot I did that."

A few months ago, I put together what I call my Lustrous Life list.

It's a Kanban board where each column is titled with the year.

And each card represents something from my bucket list.

These can include things that I want, things that I want to do, things I want to learn, whatever.

It pretty much includes EVERYTHING.

What makes it super powerful are three key ideas.

First, each card has a due date. I have due dates that go out as for as 2027. Due dates make things become REAL. 

Second, the app I use ( allows me to add pictures, so each card has a picture that inspires me. 

Third, I review the board every morning as part of my morning routine. It's a PHENOMENAL visualization tool.

Here's a partial screengrab of my board...

Instead of having just a list of things that I want someday / maybe...

I've got projects to complete in a visual board that motivates me and inspires me to take action towards them every single day.

Give it a try.

See what you think.

With love & joy,


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