The “money talk” | Crossing the Bridge, Part V

The “money talk” | Crossing the Bridge, Part V

For our second to last blog post of this series, it’s time to talk about something that strikes fear into the hearts of many coaches.

(If you missed the previous emails, here are: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV)

The Enrollment Conversation

Enrollment Conversation

When I talk to coaches about their enrollment process (i.e. having the enrollment conversation itself) there’s a big fear that comes up:

Feeling afraid of the “money talk” and asking for the sale.

Totally understandable.

It can feel deeply uncomfortable asking for money.

Especially if we haven’t fully owned our value.

Remember, they’re on the call with you because they want your help. And the best way you can help them is by continuing the relationship.

Sure, if you were independently wealthy maybe you could help them for free. 

But because you need to make a living from this, it’s reasonable for you to charge money. 

No one faults a lawn mowing service for charging people money. And that’s just to shorten the length of the grass.

There’s no shame in earning money for helping people with incredible transformations. 

And while I recommend continuing to work on the money mindset piece…

Here’s something you can use right away. 

Use an easy transition. Have a plan for how you’re going to move into inviting a potential client to hear about your ongoing coaching services.

Otherwise, it’s abrupt. You’ll feel uncomfortable. They’ll sense it. And it becomes this loop of awkwardness once it’s time to “do business”.

Here’s what I use during my own enrollment calls. You can use it too. Or modify it to make it feel more natural. But the basic idea is:

Summarize what you’ve talked about so far. 

Then say: “Are you comfortable doing this on your own, or would you like some help with this?”

Most times, your potential clients will say yes.

Then you simply talk about how it looks for you to help them with it. 

Finish by revealing the investment. 

Then allow them to be the grown-up they are who can make the decision for themselves. 

And of course, address any hesitations or questions (aka “objections”) as they come up.

Now that covers the enrollment piece.

In the next blog post, we’ll talk about how you actually get clients to have a call with you.

With love & joy,


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