The benefits of partnerships

The benefits of partnerships

Last week I mentioned that I'd be talking to you about partnerships.

Partnerships come in many forms.

Everything from one person referring another to you for coaching.

All the way to someone with a large email list promoting your coaching (or course if you have one) to their list.

Partnerships can be an amazing way to get your stuff out to many, many more people than you normally would through organic or paid traffic.

When partnering with someone that has a large list, you want to try to partner with someone who serves your same community, but in a different way.

For example, one of my partners is Valerie DelGrosso.

She's a lawyer that only works with and creates products for coaches.

It's a beautiful partnership for two reasons.

First, with complete transparency, I can say that the legal stuff in a coaching business is not my genius zone. I've been asked numerous times by clients and coaches in my community about contracts, privacy policies, etc. And because it's not my genius zone (nor do I want it to be), I LOVE being able to refer them to Valerie because I know they're in good hands. It's a huge relief.

And the best part?

She has created products at really reasonable prices for beginning coaches so they can start their coaching businesses on a solid legal foundation.

Second, she has coaches in her community who need the non-legal foundational pieces of getting started with their coaching business but that is not something she teaches or coaches people on. She can refer people to me and doesn't have to worry about trying to teach it herself.

Hopefully, you can see how finding partners who share your same community, but whose work is complementary to your own can have big benefits for both of you.

Have a great week!

With love & joy,


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