The 3 components of a successful coaching practice

The 3 components of a successful coaching practice

Over the past few months I’ve been quietly sharing my new coaching framework with coaches who’ve had a Coach Action Plan with me.

And I’m happy to say… It’s been getting rave reviews 😁

The coaches who’ve gone through it have found it extremely helpful. 

It’s helped them simplify their business and really clarify what they should be focusing on next.

Because at the end of the day, growing a coaching business doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact, a successful coaching business can be broken down into just three components:


This is where you get in front of your ideal clients, build a relationship with them, show them what you have to offer and how you can help them.


Next, you move your ideal clients from being familiar with you to signing up for your coaching. 


Last but not least, you actually coach your clients! This includes all the activities that help you become a master level coach -- coaching, studying to improve your craft, reflecting on your coaching to see where you can improve, etc. 


…and this is where a lot of coaches get caught up…

… when you’re first starting your coaching business, you don’t build your business in this order. 

Here’s why…

There’s no point in connecting with people until you’re clear about who you coach, what results you’re helping them get, and how you’re helping them get there. 

So, when you’re first starting, the order is… 

Coach → Convert → Connect. 

Which means what you focus on in the beginning looks a bit different than when you’re more established. 

Let’s take a look at each, but from the perspective of a coach who’s just starting out…


First, you figure out who you want to work with, what results you want to help them get, and the process you’ll take to help them get those results.

It’s also about getting clear on what type of coaching you want to do (1:1, groups, workshops, intensives, etc.) and how big you want your coaching business to get (6-7 figures, books, speaking gigs, courses, etc). 


Once you’re clear on your ‘what’ and your ‘who’, you’re ready to create basic processes around things like…

  • Turning acquaintances into clients or referral partners
  • Leading enrollment calls that convert
  • Writing the words that go on your website


Finally, you’re ready to expand your reach! This includes deciding on your best marketing approach, based on your strengths and personality.

Here’s what’s important to understand…

If you do these activities out of order when you’re first starting, it’s a huge waste of time.

You wind up trying to connect with everyone (or the wrong people) and when that doesn’t turn into paying clients, it gets frustrating. 

Now, these three components are just a starting point.

The next step is to get clear on which of the three areas needs your attention most.

And then creating a plan to get that component of your business humming along smoothly. 

And then the next component. Until all three are working in harmony to continually bring in clients who pay you well — and who you love working with.

Which is exactly what I can help you do.

And, if you want my help creating a clear plan so you can uncomplicate your business and know exactly what to do next to grow your business…

I highly recommend you join me for a Coach Action Plan

With love & joy,


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