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The Complete 8-Module The Coaches Accelerator Signature Program

This 8-module online program is designed so you can build your business step-by-step. Each module is designed to build on the one before. By the end of the program you will have...

  • Dialed in your niche so you have complete clarity on your one transformation and one idea client avatar
  • Proven your niche to make sure it's also profitable and sustainable
  • Developed your own proprietary coaching framework so you know exactly how you're going to help your one ideal client make that one transformation
  • Created an irresistible freebie giveaway that attracts potential clients and grows your email list every day
  • Adapted a proven enrollment script to match your community perfectly so your discovery calls are fun and the complete opposite of sales-y and sleazy
  • Launched an opt-in sequence that leads your potential clients closer to hiring you
  • Implemented a plan to nurture your community once they are on your email list
  • Followed a simple, actionable marketing plan perfectly suited to your strengths and genius, while eliminating the activities that aren't in your wheelhouse

VALUE | $3,000


6 Months of Unlimited 1:1 Support from Selena

Get ALL Your Questions Answered

This is your opportunity to have unlimited calls, Voxer messaging, and emails with me. You'll have my 1:1 support to review any and all of your materials as you work through the program. 

Questions about your niche? You've got it! Want me to look at your coaching framework? Yep, we can do that. Help with Programs and Pricing? Sure, that too. Opt-in pages, emails, enrollment conversation scripts, marketing plan -- it's all yours to ask away.

Let's make sure you build your business in the right way so you can get out there and coach!

  VALUE | $7,200  

Plus, You'll Get These Special Bonuses When you Join Now...


Coaching Skills Jumpstart
Quickly Get Started With the Essentials of Coaching That Gets Results

(Value: $297)

Feeling a little less than confident with your actual coaching skills? No problem. I've got your back. I'll share with you the 3 mindset shifts that can make sure every session is super powerful for your client. I'll also share with you what I consider to be the seven foundations of coaching so you always have a plan for the session. 

And most importantly, how to bring your full unique self to the table -- your unique genius, strengths, personality, and values -- so that your clients get your authentic self. 


Freedom Formula
Free Your Time So You Can Fill It With Things You Love

(Value: $197)

Building a successful coaching practice can take some time. Start off with the right productivity mindset so that not only can you do the work needed for your business, you have time left over to enjoy the rest of your life. 

This course will help you learn the mindset shifts, strategies, practical tools, and tactics that will help you grow your business AND give you the freedom that a coaching business can deliver.


Coaching Website That Works
Build Your First Coaching Website From Scratch

(Value: $247)

I've seen a lot of coaches get stuck or stalled just thinking about building a website. 

In this training, I give you step-by-step directions of how to build a website from scratch. I'll also give you my best recommendations for the pages to include, what should be at the top of your homepage, and what to think about when you write your "Work with Me" page that includes your coaching package(s). 

You'll learn my favorite tools and resources to make it as easy as possible, so you can get it done and get to building the rest of your business. 


Design Your Growth Path to Level Up Your Business

(Value: $297)

The last 3 bonuses have been about how to make getting started even easier, so you feel more empowered, more confident, and the whole process becomes even easier.

But, we're not done yet.

I understand that once you finish The Coaches Accelerator, you may want to take your business to even higher levels.

That's why I'm including the bonus module: Design Your Growth Path to Level Up Your Business

It will give you the tools you need to build your business to higher and higher levels. 


Scale your Business Through Systems & Team Building

(Value: $297)

And to make sure that you can handle those higher and higher levels with ease, I'm including another bonus module...
Scale Your Business Through Systems & Team Building

This module will give you the tools you need to make sure you still have time for the freedom and fun that a coaching business can give you. 

Everything You Get Today...

The Complete Coaches Accelerator Signature Program


6 Months of 1:1 Unlimited Implementation Calls with Selena


Bonus #1: Coaching Skills Jumpstart


Bonus #2: Freedom Formula


Bonus #3: Coaching Website That Works


Bonus #4: Design Your Growth Path to Level Up Your Business


Bonus #5: Scale Your Business Through Systems & Team Building




Because I want you to be able to enroll today, jump in and get started building your business so you can help others and get coaching already, I'm offering it to you for just...









"I could not be happier with the results that I've gotten"

Hi. My name is Judy Morley and I did The Coaches Accelerator program with Selena and I loved the program.

I have been fumbling around with trying to figure out my coaching practice for years now, and once I started The Coaches Accelerator, I immediately saw that I needed to get clear. There was something in me that was keeping me from really understanding who I wanted to talk to, what I wanted to do, what my unique gifts were.

And Selena was just great at pulling that out. The materials are awesome. The worksheets and everything that you fill out were great. Her questioning when we would have our one on one calls was awesome.

Sometimes I dreaded it because she was going to ask me to really figure out stuff I've been avoiding figuring out for years. But I got through whatever blocks I got through. Halfway through the program, I had this huge download that I needed to completely change my avatar, and I did, and she stuck with me and helped me through it every step of the way.

I could not be happier with the results that I've gotten. I feel so much more confident. And now when I go to programs or talk with other coaches, I am so much better prepared for coaching than so many of my colleagues.

And it is all thanks to The Coaches Accelerator program, so I just can't recommend it enough.

Judy Morley

Consultant | Strategist | Producer at Fresh Take Productions

"Selena blends the perfect mix of practical business and tech know-how with insight into people"

I wanted coaching, brainstorming, and a structured, supportive focused-space to get things done. Selena is amazing!

She blends the perfect mix of practical business and tech know-how with insight into people. She has a broad range of experience in all areas of business and is able to keep me focused. As a result, I’m getting so many necessary tasks done that I used to ignore or feel overwhelmed by!

Abby Rohrer

"I like the way Selena explains each piece of her framework, but she is the brilliance."

I over-analyze and get stuck in my own brain and thoughts. I usually can't see my own label, so to have Selena get me, see me, and to use her perfect word, "untwist me," it's priceless. She also zeros in where the "knot" is - BRILLIANT.

My biggest takeaway was that my avatar become clearer and validation that my logic on my methodology was a possible shift of focus was on point - or at least heading in the right direction. I like the way Selena explains each piece of her framework, but she is the brilliance. For anyone on the fence, I would say every day that passes is a day with less clarity and that being on the fence is equivalent to staying stuck by choice.

Lysa Greer

Consultant | Strategist | Producer at Fresh Take Productions

"I have been able to take what I've learned and use it to continue to grow."

My number one goal is to be the best version of myself that I can be. Working with Selena helped fill gaps in my development, helped me learn more about who I am, and gave me practical steps to move forward, all helping me to get closer to my goal. I have been able to take what I've learned and use it to continue to grow. I enjoyed working with Selena because she is kind, patient, curious, and a bit unconventional.

Elizabeth Thunstedt

"My biggest takeaway was to do things in steps and to not get too overwhelmed with the end game"

Before working with The Coaches Accelerator Program, I lacked direction and clear focus on how to begin and structure my online business.

My biggest takeaway was to do things in steps and to not get too overwhelmed with the end game.

I have found success from her program in better self-confidence and organizing in a step-by-step way to minimize stress and maximize learning and growth for both me and my business.

If you are on the fence, hop off now and hop over to Selena. She cares. She has the knowledge and is committed to helping, coaching and teaching better ways to be our best. Thank you, Selena, for showing me the way and helping me get off to the right start!

Trish Sachs

Fitness and Holistic Wellness Coach

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