Six foundational elements of coaching (part 7)

Six foundational elements of coaching (part 7)

In this last blog article of the series, we’re getting to the really fun stuff. Our final foundational element is to work on our clients' psychology. For many of us, this is why we got into coaching.

When we look at someone’s psychology, we want to look at three things...

  • Beliefs
  • Mindset
  • Identity


Some questions that can really help us dig in and see what they believe about themselves and their situation... 

  • What do they believe about themselves now?
  • What do they believe about the process that you’re taking them through?
  • What do they believe about their ability to make the transformation?
  • What do they need to believe?

And importantly...

  • What does someone who’s on the other side of the transformation believe?

With our weight loss example, in the beginning of the coaching, our clients may not believe that they can lose the weight for good.

Yet, once they have made the transformation and have been there for a while, they begin to believe that they will never be overweight again. They feel confident that this is their new reality.


Next, let’s take a look at mindset. 

  • What paradigms do our clients need to shift? 
  • What reframes do they need to make?
  • How do they need to feel? 
  • How does their language need to change?
  • What do they need to say to others and themselves?
  • Where might they experience resistance along the way?

In our weight loss example, we may need to help our clients understand that yes, they can do it. But there will be setbacks. Setbacks are a normal part of the process.

And we'll need to teach them what to do when that happens.

Our client may need to build in the mindset of overcoming resistance. That one bad day doesn’t mean she quits like she’s done in the past. Or one unsupportive comment from her sister means it's time to quit.

And then finally...


  • How does their whole identity need to change? 
  • Who do they need to BECOME to make the change permanent and have lasting transformation?

For our weight loss client, her identity changes from a woman who always struggles with her weight...

To someone who identifies as strong, healthy, fit and can reach her goals. 

So that wraps up our series on the six foundations of coaching. If you found it valuable, please leave a comment below.

With love & joy,


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