Six foundational elements of coaching (part 5)

Six foundational elements of coaching (part 5)

The 4th element of the foundations of coaching is to help our clients develop the skills and knowledge they need to make the transformation.

What skills does someone who has reached the transformation have?

What knowledge do they have?

For example, in The Coaches Accelerator, by the time my clients reach the end of the last building block, they have the knowledge and skills to...

  • Dial in on their niche (one transformation + ideal client avatar)
  • Research their target market
  • Design and fine-tune their coaching methodology
  • Market their coaching business using their one marketing approach
  • Take a potential client through an enrollment conversation that leads to a yes
  • Visualize, plan, and grow their business to the next level
  • Create onboarding, follow-up, and other systems to free up time in their day

In a previous article, I discussed how a weight loss coach might have her clients buy kitchen utensils to make it easier lose weight. Those same clients would need to know how to use those new kitchen utensils.

They might need to learn how to do specific strength exercises. Or how to use specific exercise equipment.

What do your clients need to know for them to make permanent lasting change?

And how can we incorporate the teaching of those skills and knowledge into our coaching?

It might be as simple as sharing an outside resource.

Or it might be that we need to create a resource of our own that we then share with our clients.

Either way, we start with the needs of our clients and go from there.

In the next blog post, I’ll be talking about how we can help our clients remove bad habits and add good ones. 

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