No one invests in coaching

No one invests in coaching

This has come up in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on this topic.

I see a lot of coaches put up their website "shingle" with their pricing, how many sessions, length of coaching, etc.

And that's absolutely fine to have on your website, but that can't be all.

Because people don't invest in coaching.

They invest in results. In their vision. In better versions of themselves.

Let's take The 1-1 Coaches Accelerator as an example. That's my signature course + 1-1 coaching hybrid.

If I asked any of the clients going through it if they had the option of just downloading into their brain all the knowledge and skills contained within The Coaches Accelerator, would they choose that option instead?

Of course they would!

They're not scheduling coaching calls with me to experience my sparkling personality.

They're coming because they want a specific result.

And until science comes up with a way for us to download knowledge and skills instantly into our brains, coaching is our next best option.

Keeping this in mind, you may want to check your sales and marketing efforts.

Look at your marketing, social media, even enrollment convos you've had.

Are you selling coaching?

Or are you selling results?

With love & joy,


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