Lack of motivation is a lack of clarity

Lack of motivation is a lack of clarity

I came across a quote this week by James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits (highly recommend this book, btw)...

“Most people think they lack motivation when they really lack clarity.”

and I thought, How true!

I've seen this in my own life multiple times.

And I run across it every single week with my Coach Action Plan calls.

I've even kind of nicknamed what we do as coaches as helping people get untwisted, which is another way of saying we help them get clear.

Think about the different niches and why people get stuck.

Here are a few examples...

Women who want to lose weight:

They are often hard on themselves because they have tried multiple times to lose weight and nothing they've tried has been successful. At some point they lose the motivation to try again. The solution, however, isn't to try to get them motivated again. The solution is to help them get clear on what WILL work given their strengths, challenges, interests, and lifestyles. Once that happens and they can see the path best for them, they feel motivated to walk that path.

Moms Who Put Everyone Else First and Ignore Their Dreams:

We know these moms. Often, we've been these moms. These are the moms who put their dreams on hold so they can take care of their family. They don't seem motivated to pursue their dreams. Again, this is about clarity. They need clarity on the idea that pursuing their dreams doesn't make them bad moms. They also need clarity on how they can carve out some time for themselves in their hectic schedules. Once they gain clarity on these two issues, they're more motivated to pursue their dreams.

Coaches who want to build their coaching business:

I see this one all the time. Coaches who try a few things on social media to drum up business. They don't see any traction so they get discouraged and lose the motivation to try. Again, it's not about motivation. They lack the clarity around who they want to serve and how best to serve them. They don't have a clear idea of what marketing approach will work for them so they try all the things. But without a clear message to their ideal community, not much is going to happen. Once they gain the clarity around a few key pieces in their business, they regain the motivation to keep working their business.

I invite you to think about your own life and business. Are there areas where you've felt a lack of motivation? Where you haven't really been able to make significant progress, even though you've told yourself it's something you really want.

Could it be that you just need clarity?

I hope this serves you.

It's definitely something I've been thinking about a lot lately.

With love & joy,


P.S. The quote was in a weekly newsletter by James Clear this week. His weekly newsletter is one of those that I read every week without fail. In fact, I even save them all. Just in case I want to refer back to them. Click here to join it if you're interested.

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