I've been stealing for years

I’ve been stealing for years

Ever struggle to come up with ideas for your content?

Whether it's a blog article, email, podcast episode, video, or social media post?

Sitting there, staring at your laptop screen... and nothing.

It's like you've never had a thought in your head.


It's the worst feeling, isn't it?

You know you need to do it because it builds rapport, shows your expertise, and helps you stay top of mind with your community. Which is an absolute must if you want to build your business.

But knowing that when you're sitting at your computer only adds to the stress of it all.

But I've got some good news for you.

It doesn't have to be hard.

At all.

See, you can "steal" from others. In a good way.

In a way that artists and creatives have been doing for millennia.

I've been reading books by Austin Kleon this week and got reminded of this.

He wrote his books for creatives. But his books have a lot to offer business owners who create content for their businesses.

He's written three fun, easy-to-read books full of super helpful tips and strategies, with fun titles like...

Steal Like an Artist

Show Your Work

Keep Going

In Steal Like an Artist, Austin shares ideas for how you can use other people's work as inspiration for your own. 

And he makes the point that everyone who creates something, does it on the back of other people's ideas.

Nothing new is created in a vacuum.

To give you a cool example of this...

We all know the song, Honky Tonk Woman, by The Rolling Stones.

Other musicians have done their own versions of it. 

And any time someone dances along to this song, they create something brand new.

In fact, check out this video of these dance partners dancing to it...

(They're quite good. Worth the two minute watch.)

See, Honky Tonk Woman is its own thing.

And this video of these partners dancing to it is its own thing. 

Watching the video of them doesn't take away from our enjoyment of the song. Not even close.

See how the two are separate creations?

I've even done it within this article.

I've taken another person's work and created something new from it by sharing my own ideas and an example.

Don't be afraid to take someone else's creation or ideas and make something new from it. And make it your own.

No need to start from scratch.

Try it out for yourself and see what you think.

With love & joy,


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