How your coaching methodology can grow your business (part 4)

How your coaching methodology can grow your business (part 4)

In part 4 of this series, I’m sharing with you how having your own coaching methodology can help you never have to sell yourself again.

That’s right. 

You’ll never have to sell yourself again. 

So many new and struggling coaches stress out about the enrollment conversation. They don’t want to appear sales-y. Or they feel really uncomfortable selling themselves. 

The great thing about having a coaching methodology is that you sell IT instead of YOU.

Instead of trying to convince people how awesome of a coach you are, you show them.

Once you do the assessment portion of your enrollment conversation, all you have to do is explain your coaching methodology and how you’ll use it to help your potential clients get the results they want — the results they’ve just shared with you.

To use The Coaches Accelerator as an example again, once I learn…

  • what’s currently going on with my potential clients,
  • what’s currently going on with my potential clients,
  • what they really want their business to look like in the future, and
  • the challenges they’ve faced and why they haven’t been able to make that happen yet

All I have to do is show them how The Coaches Accelerator can help them overcome the specific challenges they’ve just talked about and how it can help them achieve that business they’ve just told me they dream about.

Can you see how I’m actually showing my expertise as a coach by taking them through my process?

I don’t have to say I know what I’m talking about.

I don’t have to share that I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. 

I don’t have to mention my 4 years on the leadership team of a multi-million dollar coaching company. 

No credentials are necessary. 

All I need to do is walk them through The Coaches Accelerator and how it can help them build their business. 

That’s all anyone cares about…

Potential clients are thinking...

"Can this person help me solve my problem?"

Ok. So that wraps up this series on why you need a coaching methodology. And hopefully, I’ve convinced you of the importance of developing your own.

If you’ve missed any of the parts in the series, you can find them here:

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With love & joy,


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