How your coaching methodology can grow your business (part 1)

How your coaching methodology can grow your business (part 1)

As a coach you've probably realized this already…

But it's damn hard to sell yourself.

"Hire me because I'm… awesome?"

When we're excited about something, we're burning to share it with our besties.

“Have you seen the latest episode of ______________?”

“I just finished reading __________________, have you read it yet?”

“OMG, you have got to try _______________________ (restaurant, bistro, cafe, coffee shop). They have the best _____________.”

And if you have a hobby you love (mine’s jewelry), that’s a whole world of excitement and sharing with any one who will listen (or is that just me?).

But when it comes to sharing ourselves…

In an enrollment conversation…

Or at a networking event…

It can turn into a big ball of “I suck” anxiety. 

The kind of anxiety that turns your mind into a big blank nothing. 

Where you’re sure there’s never been a decent thought in your head. 

And all of those amazing traits that make you a great coach?

You can’t think of one. 

It’s like you’ve never done anything important. You can’t possibly coach this person. Why would they ever hire you? 

And just the thought of doing an enrollment conversation can make you binge watch 5 episodes of Outlander. 

So why is it so hard to sell ourselves?

Well, because of our silly egos.

That voice inside us that wants to be told how amazing it is. All. The. Time. 

But the ego is temperamental.

And it downright HATES rejection.

Handles it like a whiney pee-pants.

So how can we avoid dealing with this little brat altogether?

We Sell Our Coaching Methodology

Our coaching methodology is the process we use to help our clients move from where they are now to the other side of the transformation. The process that helps them see the results they’ve been dying for but haven’t been able to achieve on their own. 

Our ego isn’t involved because once we develop our coaching methodology, it becomes its own thing. 

And we look at it as something we’re always improving. With every client we work with, we learn and grow as coaches and our coaching methodology reflects that. 

In the next 3 blog posts, I’ll be taking a deep dive into how developing your own coaching methodology is one of the best things you can do for your business because it ensures that you...

  1. 1
    Become a master level coach
  2. 2
    Create valuable content that attracts clients to you
  3. 3
    Never have to sell yourself

Until then...

With love & joy,


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