How do you want to sell?

How do you want to sell?

Several years ago, I signed up for a course on selling from a coach who promised we could increase our conversion rates by 50%. 

That would be amazing if it were true. 

But it wasn’t.

At least for me. 

About every 10 minutes in the course, I thought, “There’s NO WAY I’m doing that.”

Her approach was hard selling at its worst. 🤢

Telling us to “argue with them for their own sake.” 


“Do not let them get off the call until they’ve said yes.”

Umm. No. Just no.

I’m perfectly fine to let my potential client get off the call so she can think about it. 

See, I work with grown ups. Grown ups that don’t make important financial decisions lightly. 

Grown ups that have commitments, responsibilities, and oftentimes spouses. 

Some people know right away they want to work with me. Others need to think about it. 

I let them. 

“If you truly believe that you can help them, why wouldn’t you do everything you can to sign them up on the spot.”

While I do believe that you need to have confidence in your coaching (thus the coaching framework and signature program I’ve discussed recently)…

Cajoling your prospective clients isn’t the answer. 

I would much rather build rapport and trust with my content and other marketing efforts.

So that when we get on the call, my potential client is already halfway to hiring me. 

And if it’s a good fit for both of us, I invite them to hear about further coaching. 

If it’s not, I don’t. 

Guess what happens when I do this…

We both truly enjoy the call. No one feels icky. Everyone feels supported and cared for. 

Isn’t that what coaching is about? 

If you want to develop an enrollment call that is fun, feels amazing to both you and the client, and has a very good chance of them hiring you for further coaching…

Then you’ll definitely want to sign up for a Coaching Sales Strategy Plan.

By the end of just 90-minutes together, you’ll walk away with a solid outline for your enrollment calls that is perfectly suited to who you are and how you want to sell.

So you can have enrollment calls that build rapport and trust, show your expertise, and guide your potential client to hiring you (but only if it’s a good fit). 

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