Have you heard about avatar stages?

Have you heard about avatar stages?

The struggle is real!

Trying to narrow down your niche so that you feel good about your decision and you no longer have FOMO.

This is something I see all the time.

If this is you, I’ve got a reframe that can help you.

Caveat: If your current niche is “I help everyone with everything,” then this tip is definitely not for you.

However, if you’re struggling with say, a couple of different avatars, it may be that your avatars aren’t actually separate avatars.

They may be the same avatar but in different stages.

Let me use my own niche as an example.

Here’s a simple statement I could make about my avatar(s):

“I help new and struggling coaches build their coaching businesses.”

Reading this statement looks like I have two avatars...

  • New Coach
  • Struggling coach

And at first glance, it seems true.

However, what’s really the case is that I have one avatar at different stages of building her business.

It kinda looks like this:

Once you put your avatar on a timeline, you want to look at two things... 

  • How much pain is this avatar in at each stage?
  • At which stage is she more likely to need, want, and pay for my help?

Even though The Coaches Accelerator was developed to help coaches at the new and struggling stages, I’ve found that for the most part, it’s the struggling coach who invests in it (or incredibly smart new coaches 😉

And that makes sense.

The new coach isn’t in enough pain yet to know how helpful The Coaches Accelerator is.

The struggling coach, on the other hand, has experienced the confusion, overwhelm, and throwing spaghetti at the wall that happens when you try to build your business.

And when she sees the step-by-step process laid out for her, she immediately sees the benefit and feels a sense of relief.

So, my recommendation is to take a look at your avatars and see if they’re the same one just at different stages. If so, then figure out which one is in more pain and would want, need, and pay for your help.

And if you’d like my help, you can grab the Coach Action Plan, a 45-minute personalized 1:1 call with me personally.

Learn more here.

With love & joy,


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