Have big dreams but feel stuck?

Have big dreams but feel stuck?

I was on a Coach Action Plan call with a coach who was telling me about some seriously large and very cool dreams she had for her business.

She wanted to have a full roster of coaching clients, write books, speak on big stages, run groups and masterminds, and create courses.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of these goals.

And I have no doubt that she can accomplish all of them.

The issue she was having (and maybe you can relate), was that having all of these big goals was overwhelming her.


Two things were happening.

First, she was having some issues around mindset and beliefs. She was imagining that she had to know how to do all of these things right now. Which made her feel completely overwhelmed and stuck.

Especially considering that she hadn’t yet had her first paying client.

She was putting the cart before the horse (it’s a cliche for a reason. 😉

Second, she was trying to do all of those things at once. A little bit about how to find clients, a little bit of writing on her book, a little bit of research about speaking gig, etc. You get the idea.

Can you guess what was happening?

She wasn’t making significant progress on any of it.

So during our Coach Action Plan, we focused on what she wanted to accomplish next. What was most important for her to get done right now?

Not five years from now.

While big dreams and goals are awesome, it’s important to start with where you’re at and go from there.

What’s your best next step given who you are right now — your current skills, knowledge, etc.

If you’d like my help to figure out what your next best steps are…

… make sure to book a Coach Action Plan — a private 45-minute call with me where you get personalized guidance on what you should be focusing on in your business right now.

My recommendations are always specific for you, right where you are now.

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