Do your habits match your identity

Do your habits match your identity?

Over the weekend, I was reading a summary of the book, Atomic Habits by James Clear.

And I was reminded of a concept that is super useful to growing a business AND helping clients get results.

Clear talks about how there are three different types of habits...

  • Goal-Driven Habits
  • System-Driven Habits
  • Identity-Driven Habits

Goal-Driven Habits are behaviors we put in place to reach a specific goal. Let's use a new coach as an example. She might have the goal of attracting her first client. For her, a goal driven habit might be to spend two hours on Saturday reaching out to her network of friends and acquaintances letting them know that she's put up her coaching shingle.

System-Driven Habits are behaviors that focus on the processes that will get you to a goal, instead of specifically focusing on the goal itself. For example, the new coach might work on building her network every morning from 9-11am. The work is more about building the network in the long-term than focusing on a specific goal of attracting her first client.  The work will get her that first goal, but it's not the main purpose.

Identity-Driven Habits are those behaviors we perform because that's what we believe about ourselves -- our identity. For example, if the new coach believes that it's just a matter of time before she builds a successful coaching practice, then she'll engage in all the behaviors of a successful coach.

Clear states that we should focus on identity-driven habits because they dictate the goal-driven and process-habits we'll put in place.

For example, the new coach who knows it's just a matter of time, will develop habits in the three main areas of business -- attracting ideal community members, converting those community members to paying clients, and delivering her coaching so her clients get results. Because these are the habits of successful coaches.

Clear states that "identity-driven habits help you decide what game to play, process-driven habits teach you how to play the game, and goal-driven habits help you win the game."

As you think about building your business, ask yourself...

"If I was already a successful coach, earning the income I want to earn, what would be the habits I already had in place?"

And, of course, you can use this same exercise with your clients. What are the habits your clients have in place after you've helped them with the transformation you provide?

And if you'd like my help figuring out which habits you need to put in place in order to become a successful coach, I invite you to sign up for a Coach Action Plan call with me. Click here for details.

With love & joy,

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