Do you know how to overcome fear immediately?

Do you know how to overcome fear immediately?

I had the opportunity to hear Marianne Williamson speak a couple of years ago. The speech was so powerful and the quote below is my paraphrase of a key point she made.

Fear isn't a thing. It's the absence of a thing. It's the absence of love. Fear goes away in the presence of love.
- Marianne Williamson


Fear being the absence of love is an idea that I had never heard before. Have you? Or is this idea completely new to you as well?

The idea is that the two can’t take up the same space. If you’re feeling fear, then you’re not in the space of love and if you’re feeling love, then fear is nowhere to be found.

Fear goes away in the presence of love.

So… if you’re feeling fear, the only thing you need to do is to feel love instead. It’s the best way to overcome fear.

Marianne shared a story to illustrate this truth.

A friend of hers was getting ready for an important meeting that could really make a huge difference in her career. Naturally, the friend was very anxious about it because a lot was at stake. The friend sent love to herself and every person she knew would be at the meeting.

A wonderful thing happened. The friend was able to go into the meeting completely relaxed. No anxiety. No fear. Just love, peace, and calm.

Now imagine if you did this at your next speaking event, enrollment conversation, or networking opportunity.  Imagine going into any situation peaceful, calm, and full of love.

What an easy, amazing way to overcome fear.

Are you going to try it? I have and I can tell you from personal experience that it works amazingly well.

Give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose but fear.

With love and joy,

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About the Author Selena Tramayne

Selena Tramayne, Ph.D. is the founder of The Tramayne Group, which provides programs and coaching services to benefit new and emerging coaches. She developed the Coaching Genius System and provides one-on-one and group coaching through The Coaches Accelerator, a streamlined process to help coaches go from zero to six figures fast. When not working in and on her business, she can be found hiking, mountain biking, and going on bliss walks near her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.