Do you invest in yourself?

Do you invest in yourself?

I had an enrollment conversation with a gal a few weeks ago who wanted to charge $1000 per month for her coaching.

But she ended up not signing up for The Coaches Accelerator because she didn't have the money (my current 12 monthly payment plan is $227).

I believe that for anything that you've said is important to you — building your business, getting fit, learning Spanish, whatever — you need to look at two things...

Your calendar and your spending.

Are you investing your time and money in that thing you've said is important to you?

If not, you may want to consider if it's really a priority.

I've spent upwards of $50k and countless hours since 2012 on courses, coaching, conferences, workshops, and a mastermind to help me build my business.

Heck, I even took a contract position with a coaching organization so I could learn the ropes.

I've basically shown myself, and the universe for that matter, that it's important to me.

Now, this isn't to get you to invest in The Coaches Accelerator.

It is, however, to help you realize that you are going to have a very difficult time getting people to invest in your coaching if you're unwilling to invest in yourself.

I also believe that you should be willing to invest in yourself as much as you want clients to invest in you.

Want to charge $500 per month for your coaching? Then be willing to invest $500 per month on yourself.

And when you do invest, make sure you're giving that thing your all. Getting as much juice out of it as you can.

And you'll find that your clients do the same.

With love & joy,


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