Do nothing, get it wrong

Do nothing, get it wrong

I heard this quote a while back and wanted to share it with you…

"Most people would rather do nothing and get it wrong than do something and get it wrong."

You might need to read that again.

From my personal experience and as a coach, this is so true.

This is where buyers remorse comes in.

There’s a pain associated with even the possibility of getting it wrong.

So what does this mean for your coaching? 

And how you set up your enrollment conversation?


It means you have to address this.

Your potential client needs to see themselves doing something AND making the change.

They need to believe that the effort the two of you will be going through together will be worth it

That they won’t get it wrong.

The best way I’ve found to do that is to have a coaching methodology that you can explain to potential clients during the enrollment conversation.

For example, in my enrollment conversations for The Coaches Accelerator, I show a colorful graphic while walking them through my process.

So they can see the steps we’ll take to give them the foundations they need to have a successful coaching practice.

On the call, I explain each step and help them get a clear picture of what we’ll do together to give them that foundation.

Now, my coaching genius type is The Mystic. 

Along with Sages, we tend to like step-by-step approaches when we coach. We’re big on structure.

If you’re a Mystic or Sage, you may really dig this approach.

If you’re an Explorer or Idealist, on the other hand, this may be something that doesn’t appeal.

At all.

That’s ok. I’ve got something for you, too.

You’ll still want to have a coaching methodology, it just may not be a structured, step-by-step one.

For example, it might be more of a 5-step philosophy. “Here are the 5 key areas we’ll address as we go through the coaching.”

And then you would explain the 5 areas and why they’re important to help your client make the transformation.

So long as you address these 5 areas in your coaching at some point, you’re good.

This allows you to be as intuitive as you want, feeling into what is best for that session.

Either way, you've gotta have a coaching methodology to take people through.

Because your clients don't want to get it wrong.

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say things like Mystic, Sage, Explorer, and Idealist, make sure to take my Coaching Genius Quiz to find out your Coaching Genius Type).

With love & joy,


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