Get my personalized one-on-one help to implement the Coaching Genius System...

To become a six-figure coach in no-time

Learn why this structured and personalized approach is key to your coaching success!

When you leverage your unique strengths in the right way, you neutralize your challenges...

When you lead with your unique strengths, the struggles you've been dealing with for so long simply fall away and no longer hinder you. 

And the best way to discover how to do just that is by using what I call the Coaching Genius System. It's a 5-step system designed to help you use your genius zone, unique strengths, and personality to move you from struggle, overwhelm, and confusion to clarity, commitment, and a six-figure coaching business. 

​By focusing on just one transformation, one avatar, one coaching methodology, one marketing approach, and one enrollment conversation, you can let everything else go. 

​All the wasted time. 


All the confusion on which way is the best to attract clients. 


No more running around trying to do everything.

And your road to six figures becomes crystal clear...

...and completely doable. 

​I know that there are plenty of programs and courses out there that tell you they have THE answer to help you build your practice

Unfortunately, they don’t take your unique genius, individual strengths, and personality into account. 

They're kind of a one-size fits all deal... that you have to squeeze yourself into instead of the other way around. 

One tells you that you need to build Facebook Ad funnels, but doesn’t take into account that you’re allergic to technology... But a rockstar when it comes to networking.

Others make you cold call prospects several times a week… But don’t take into account that you suck at turning those prospects into clients.

The Coaching Genius System lets you build your business around YOU

So let's take a peek into the 5 steps to see what they're all about...

  • ONE Transformation. How do you want to serve? When you focus on just one transformation, you focus on the measurable results your client wants to achieve... plus, real transformation. You help them make permanent lasting change. Help them become the people they've been longing to become and you can only do that by becoming an expert at that ONE transformation.
  • ONE Avatar.Who do you want to serve and why? When you have just one ideal client avatar, you can know them intimately. You can know their exact pain, struggles, and fears. You know what keeps them up at night. You know their hopes and dreams. You know exactly what they want out of their life.
  • ONE Coaching Methodology. Just one methodology to master. When you focus on just one coaching methodology, and you get really good at delivering that methodology to help your ONE avatar make that ONE transformation, you'll become a master... And, you’ll become the go to person for your ONE avatar and the ONE transformation they want to make. You will have very little competition. And a waiting list.
  • ONE Marketing Approach. What marketing approach are you naturally good at? I’m guessing that right now, you’re probably trying multiple things to get the word out about your coaching -- networking, social media, maybe you’ve tried a funnel, maybe even some speaking. You may even be running around trying to do all of these in any given week or month. It’s exhausting. And because you’re trying to do them all, you’re not becoming extremely good at any of them. Pick one based on your unique strengths, put a system in place so that it becomes second nature, and you will have your pick of clients.
  • ONE Enrollment Conversation. Just one enrollment conversation. Only one. What’s great is that if you do the other 4 steps well… This enrollment conversation becomes a heck of a lot easier. Before you even get on the call with clients… They’ll be at least 65% convinced they want to work with you. So then it’s a matter of getting to know them to find out if you can actually help them. Easy peasy... 

If you’d like to implement the Coaching Genius System into your own coaching practice…

Then I've got an invitation for you. 

How would you like to map out your one transformation, one avatar, one marketing approach, and one enrollment conversation with me personally?

We'll get you on the fast track to a six figure coaching business. 

And the good news is that, I have a very special offer for you. 

Not only will you get a chance to work with me personally for 60 full minutes, you'll also...

  • Get the Coaching Genius Blueprint, a customized coaching business plan. Together, we'll build a customized business plan right on the call. You'll be able to take that with you to help you build your six-figure business. It's designed to take your genius zone, strengths, and personality into account so you can build a business around YOU.
  • Get the 30-Day Coaching Business Checklist. This is a "cheatsheet" with my recommendations on how to implement what we've just mapped out in the Coaching Genius Blueprint.

Think about all the time you’ve wasted throwing spaghetti at the wall…

Not having a customized strategic plan based on your unique genius type, strengths, and personality. 

I’ve developed this program to save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in sunk costs.

Let's do some math...

I recommend that for most coaches, their time should be worth at least $100 per hour. That's the bare minimum you should be charging clients to be a six figure coach because you don't want to take on more than 20 clients per week. 

You may think that working with 20 clients one hour per week is only 20 hours, but don’t forget time for marketing, admin, learning, etc. It adds up. 

So $100 per hour is bare minimum.

Most coaches spend 15 hours a week doing things that don’t get them to those six figures. 

Let's take a look at this table...







(4 weeks)




(48 weeks)



Tragic, right?

That's 10 trips to Disney World. 

Or 5 trips to Europe. 

Or a significant downpayment on a house. 

And we're only talking about the bare minimum. 

If you actually put the Coaching Genius System into place in your business...

Over the course of a year, you could more than double that because remember the Coaching Genius System is designed to help you become a master at helping your one avatar achieve that one transformation using YOUR proprietary coaching methodology...

Which increases demand for your coaching...

Which leads to increased fees...

And a waiting list.

Cool, right? 

So, I'd like to introduce the...

Coaching Genius Strategy Call

I've taken everything I've learned in my doctoral training in Counseling psychology, and everything I learned in my 4 years of leading growth projects for a multi-million dollar coaching company, plus all the invaluable experience I've gained building my own coaching business...

... to bring this streamlined, efficient, and customized system to you. 

So you don't have to waste the time and money that so many coaches waste. 

So my question to you is...

Does this sound like something your coaching business could benefit from? 

This is really my way of helping you to create something amazing...

... so you can make an impact with your coaching...

... and make this year your best one yet. 

With a clear, proven, and customized business building strategy that you can start implementing right away.

I'll start by asking you a few questions, getting to know your business and the struggles you are facing, and what your financial goals are for the year. 

I'll analyze your business as it is now...

... and what you want to achieve in the next 12 months. 

Once I have these insights, together we'll build a customized business plan on the call to help you get from where you are now...

... to where you want to be.

Cool, right?

So WHY am I doing this? 

I’ll let you in on a little secret...

... so you can make an impact with your coaching... This is how I get clients here at   ;-) 

More specifically, how I fill up my coaching programs. 

See, I know that a percentage of the coaches who take me up on this Coaching Genius Strategy Call will want to work with me further. 

The ones who are determined to get to six figures in the next 12 months. 

So, instead of coming to you without providing any value or goodwill and just asking you to invest in coaching with me (even though it would be a super smart decision ;-)

I would much prefer to provide you with value upfront and demonstrate that I can
help you...

... by actually helping you.

Crazy, right?

And let the value I provide do the selling for me.

So after I provide you with your Coaching Genius Blueprint one of three things will happen...

  • 1
    First Scenario: The first scenario is that you think the Blueprint is no good and that I’ve wasted your time. Disclaimer: This has actually never happened. But in the event of you feeling completely underwhelmed, I will not charge you another cent.
  • 2
    Second Scenario: The second scenario is that you receive the Blueprint, and love the value you have received and use what I’ve given you to continue the journey on your own. If at the end of our time together you feel like you have received value, great! At 5pm PT the day after our call, your card will be charged $297 for our time together, your Coaching Genius Blueprint, and your 30-Day Coaching Business Checklist. I’ll wish you all the best and will be incredibly happy to have helped you build your business with some amazing resources!
  • 3
    Third Scenario: You LOVE the time we spent together, the Coaching Business Blueprint, and 30-Day Coaching Business Checklist so much that you ask to become a client and join one of my programs. If that's the case, we'll get started immediately using the Coaching Genius Blueprint as our foundation. So we can hit the ground running, and get you to six figures as fast as possible and make a huge impact on all of those clients you're meant to serve. 

But right now, I’m just inviting you into a Coaching Genius Strategy Call...

For just a $1 deposit!

Of course, if you join me in the call and you don't receive value...

You won't be charged the $297 the day after the call.

But there is a catch.

I can’t help everyone. 

Since I’m doing these calls personally, there is a limit to my time. 

In order for me to help, you need to meet this fairly stringent (but achievable) criteria...

  • 1
    First, you need to be a coach. I only work with coaches. 
  • 2
    Second, you have to be serious about building a successful coaching business. I don’t work with what I call “hobby” coaches. This has to be a serious business for you.  
  • 3
    Finally, I can guide you and be the absolute best coach I can be for you, but I can’t do the work for you. You’ve got to be willing to put in the work, to get the reward. 

Here's what to do next...

I’m going to ask for a real person $1 deposit, to help you commit to the Coaching Genius Strategy Call. 

Don’t worry, I don’t need your $1. 

It’s my way of ensuring that I keep the time wasters at bay!

And if you LOVE what you received at the end of the call...

You will be charged an additional $297 the following day...

For the strategic advice, guidance, and Coaching Genius Blueprint that I build and create for you, plus your 30-Day Coaching Business Checklist. 

Finally, during the call if you feel like you would like to work with me further, your $297 post call investment will go towards your first coaching investment.

Sound reasonable

So, now it’s your turn to decide...

Say yes, and let’s map out a Coaching Genius Blueprint tailored to your business...

If you’re a coach that wants to build a successful business...

Making a solid income AND major impact in the lives of others...

Then you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try!

There’s even a chance...

That this could completely change your business and life…

Isn’t it worth scheduling your Coaching Genius strategy session for just $1?

Then simply click the button below to reserve your spot…

"It's tragic how many warm-hearted, caring coaches out there could be making such a huge impact on a world that really needs it because they don't have a proven strategy to build their business. Don't be one of them."

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