Choose your words

Choose your words

Let’s talk about names. And bear with me. This has to do with your business. I swear.

When I was growing up, while I liked my name, or at least didn’t hate it as much as my sister hated hers (Tara: was always trying to get my mom to change it to Terri. Not sure why), I often hated having to spell it for people.

My mom wanted us to have unique and special names.

And I think that’s pretty cool, but I often wonder if she knew that by doing so she was going to subject us to a lifetime of people asking us how we spell it or just spelling it wrong.

Tara = Terra

Selena = Celina, Salena, Salina

And don’t even get me started on the last name.

There have been times where I have often just wanted my name to be something like Jill Smith.

I’m guessing there hasn’t been a Jill Smith living in the United States who has been asked how to spell her name.

And, writing her signature must be so nice.

So fast.

Ok. So what does this have to do with your business.

In your coaching business, you want your coaching methodology to be unique, like my name. Something that sets you apart from every other coach.

However, the copy that you write to describe your coaching methodology and all that you do, should be clear and easy to remember, like Jill Smith.

It should NOT be the equivalent of “How do you spell that?”

Take the headline on my homepage for example:

"Are you looking to grow your coaching business?"

Super clear.

Easily leads to a yes or no response.

You don't want to make your potential clients have to think hard about whether you can help them.

It should be easy. And clear.

With every piece of content you write — blog post, video script, social media post, sales copy — ask yourself, does this speak to my ideal client in a way that's clear?

If not, consider how you could make it clear and concise.

So your ideal client thinks, "This person gets me."

With love & joy,


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