How to Make Clients See You as THE Expert

In marketing there is a term called “Chain of Beliefs.”

When someone comes into your community (say on your email list), they have a set of beliefs about their problem and the potential solution.

At the other end is what they need to believe in order to hire you as their coach.

In a "chain of beliefs" you take them through a series of teaching moments from what they currently believe step-by-step to what you want them to believe so that they are ready for your solution.

To give you an example of this, in my coaching many coaches who first come into my community are life coaches who believe that they don't need to dial in their niche. And often they don't understand the importance of having their own proprietary coaching framework.

So, the first few emails they get from me are to help them see how helpful dialing in their niche will be to building their business faster.

Can they build a business as a general life coach?


It will just take longer because their messaging won't be targeted to a specific pain or specific goals.

Also, they won't have a proprietary coaching framework so their solution will be quite general, hard to describe, or sound like every other coach who has been through their certification program.

So, I share how a proprietary coaching framework has several benefits, such as...

  • feeling more confident in your coaching because you have a method to follow that you developed yourself. Basically, you have a solid plan.
  • allows you to become really good at that process and it just keeps getting better and better the more clients you work with
  • being able to have specific topics to discuss in content marketing
  • sharing that proprietary process in your enrollment conversations.

So, do you see how by discussing these concepts with new people in my community, I can lead them closer to seeing me as a coach who can help them with them?

So, what do people in your community believe now that isn't helpful?

What do they need to believe in order for them to get closer to working with you?

With love & joy,

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