It’s August 2012. I’ve just earned my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. But… I no longer want to get a job as a psychologist. Instead, I want to become a coach. I dream of working for myself. Changing my clients’ lives. And making a good living while doing so. So naturally, I start my own coaching practice. I hang out my

I was on a Coach Action Plan call with a coach who was telling me about some seriously large and very cool dreams she had for her business. She wanted to have a full roster of coaching clients, write books, speak on big stages, run groups and masterminds, and create courses. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with

I was sitting at a nearby coffee shop this past week writing some content for my business when I overheard a snippet of a conversation between two women sitting at the table behind me. It sounded like one of the gals owned her own business and was venting to the other about all the frustrations she

I’m 12. The school bus has just let me off at the front of my house. No one’s home yet because both my parents work and my younger sister is still at school. And I am CRAVING a delicious bowl of Orville Redenbacher popcorn. So I let myself in, drop off my book bag in my bedroom,

When I first started my business, I had a hard time staying consistent with my most important tasks. Probably because I had no idea what those actually were. 😉I would…Spend a bit of time futzing with my websiteAttend a networking eventRead a chapter in a book that was way past what I needed at the

Last year my friend Paula told me she was starting up Weight Watchers. She’d used it 20 years ago and lost 20lbs. And she wanted to use it again to lose a few more pounds that had snuck on during the last couple years. Well… That conversation inspired me to begin my own weight loss journey (again 😉 But