Last Friday, my son and I hopped on Zoom for our mid-year check-in. As I started discussing all the things I had planned for the second half of 2022, I started feeling completely overwhelmed. And not excited. And seriously burned out. And after having a mini-meltdown and getting all the things I’ve been thinking and feeling off my chest,

Habit stacking. A cool name. An even cooler concept. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the different types of habits — goal-, system-, and identity-driven habits — that James Clear discusses in his book Atomic Habits. In that article, I mentioned that we want to start with identity-driven habits because they inform our goal and system-driven habits. Today,

Over the weekend, I was reading a summary of the book, Atomic Habits by James Clear. And I was reminded of a concept that is super useful to growing a business AND helping clients get results. Clear talks about how there are three different types of habits…Goal-Driven HabitsSystem-Driven HabitsIdentity-Driven HabitsGoal-Driven Habits are behaviors we put in place to reach a

It might just be me, but when the same message comes up 3 times in a week, I tend to think it’s the universe telling me to pay attention. The following is a message I know well, but for some reason, it’s coming up a lot this week. That makes me think that maybe I need to

Back in the day (aka the first few years of my biz), I engaged in a lot of activities that made me feel like I was making progress… but did nothing to actually move me forward. And I’ve seen a lot of new and struggling coaches make the same mistakes I did. So I thought it would be

In this blog post I want to talk about the basics of growing a coaching business. I know it can sometimes feel overwhelming when you think about all the things you need to do.But building a coaching business comes down to these 3 main categories…1Attract people who have the potential to be your ideal clients2Turn those