It might just be me, but when the same message comes up 3 times in a week, I tend to think it's the universe telling me to pay attention. The following is a message I know well, but for some reason, it's coming up a lot this week. That makes me think that maybe I need to share it with you again. The first time it came up this week was on a Coach Action Plan call. The coach was worried that if she changed up what she'd been doing that it wouldn't work and her work would be

Back in the day (aka the first few years of my biz), I engaged in a lot of activities that made me feel like I was making progress... but did nothing to actually move me forward. And I've seen a lot of new and struggling coaches make the same mistakes I did. So I thought it would be a good time to address some of them, in case you're making some of them yourself.  Here's what I've seen (and done)... Futzing with your website to make it perfect. You may think that this is uber important, but all you

In this blog post I want to talk about the basics of growing a coaching business.I know it can sometimes feel overwhelming when you think about all the things you need to do.But building a coaching business comes down to these 3 main categories...1Attract people who have the potential to be your ideal clients2Turn those potential ideal clients into actual clients3Deliver value to your clientsOn the surface, it's really that simple.If you're not at the place of having all the clients you want, then every activity you do in your business should focus on one of these areas.Let's go

I've been working on a webinar funnel for the past couple of months. And I have to tell you it's been taking a ridiculously long time. I used to do a live webinar every week, but I haven't done one in at least 3 years. When you do something every week, it becomes second nature. And you can't imagine that you'll ever forget how to do it. The problem comes in after you've been out of it for a time. See, I didn't create a playbook for it. A playbook is what's called a standard operating procedure in the

I've been considering adding YouTube videos to my marketing workflow starting in 2021. So, I've been on YouTube quite a bit seeing how others have done it. And since I'm a productivity geek, I've been on channels that focus on helping people save time. And I've gone down several rabbit holes. I've basically been binge-watching how to be more productive. I know, I know. I see the irony, too. But to be fair to myself, this is at the end of the day when I'm dead tired and don't actually have the energy to do much else. And I

I came across this concept of Intermediate Packets by Tiago Forte this week and I wanted to share it with you because it's one of the coolest ideas I've come across in a while.Warning, though, because it's brand new to me and I'm in the process of figuring out all the ways it can be used, this post is going to be me thinking out loud a bit.The idea of intermediate packets is that your work can be broken down into a series of small "intermediate packets."At first read, you might be thinking, "Well, yeah, duh. Isn't that what