In Part II we talked about the importance of choosing one transformation. In this blog post, it’s time to talk about the flip side of your niche, which is your client avatar.  Who specifically are you providing this transformation for? First, I’m going to show you why niche is a little more complicated than you might think. And then I’m going to show you how choosing the right niche can mean a 100x difference in what you’re able to charge from the same amount of time. Let’s dive in. So if I were to ask you who your client

Today we’re going to explore the first building block that comprises your ‘Coaching Bridge’ (introduced in Part I) There’s a silent curse going around the coaching industry. Most coaches never realize how it’s affecting them.  It’s the curse of: “I don’t understand” As in… “I don’t understand how this works.” “I don’t understand how you can help me.” “I don’t understand if this is for me.” The problem is, potential clients rarely vocalize this. Instead, their actions say it. By not becoming your client…  Ignoring your emails… Saying “that sounds interesting”… …but then disappearing when you ask for the

The struggle is real! Trying to narrow down your niche so that you feel good about your decision and you no longer have FOMO. This is something I see all the time. If this is you, I’ve got a reframe that can help you. Caveat: If your current niche is “I help everyone with everything,” then this tip is definitely not for you. However, if you’re struggling with say, a couple of different avatars, it may be that your avatars aren’t actually separate avatars. They may be the same avatar but in different stages. Let me use my own

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post with the headline "Motivation is a lack of clarity" I had a couple gals point out that my subject line was opposite of what I meant. Which is totally true. The first gal said it nicely and constructively. The second gal... not so much. The first gal is still on my email list because I appreciate her constructive feedback. The second gal is not. I deleted her from the list. And here's why... I'm very clear on who my ideal client avatar is. See, an ideal client avatar isn't

In my view there are three things to consider when choosing your ideal niche, and finally being able to draw a line in the sand. First, do you have experience helping someone with this transformation? Do you have enough experience with this particular niche that you could help someone else? If not, is it something you could learn fairly quickly and easily? Maybe fill in some gaps of your knowledge and skill set? Second, do you have the confidence to help someone get to the other side of the transformation? And in this case, I don't mean 100% confidence

If you're struggling to narrow down your niche because you want to help everyone with everything, I want to share an idea with you that might help. It's the idea of the door vs. the whole house. I see your niche as the door that someone comes through. That specific thing that your ideal client avatar is wanting help with... Figuring out what my passion and purpose is so that I can get out of this life sucking job Getting my teenage daughter to stop rolling her eyes at me and talk to me Losing 40 pounds Building a