Now that we’ve talked about the transformation you provide (Part II) and your client avatar (Part III), it’s time to talk about one of the most critical aspects of growing a thriving coaching business.A lot of coaches and even other coaching teachers overlook this part.Your coaching framework. In growing a business it’s critical that you

Full transparency: This blog post is a bit of a journal entry. Trying to get my head wrapped around something. As you may know, I offer Coach Action Plans. These are 45-minute calls with me that are designed to help coaches get clearer on their next action steps. I’ve been conducting these calls several times per week

Yesterday, I talked about how the chain of beliefs works in marketing. The idea being that often a new member of your community has one set of beliefs and they need another set of beliefs to get to the place where they hire you.  And you lead them through a series of belief changes in order

When I was working on my doctorate, part of my schooling involved training new students just starting their Masters in Counseling. There was one thing that EVERY new counseling student did (myself included) that caused their clients to shut down. And that was to offer advice too soon. Each week, I would sit in a small conference room

Excuse my language, but I’m calling bullsh*t on something I heard last week.One of my clients told me her certification program taught her that the only way she should be coaching is to let the client lead each coaching session.She should just sit back and wait until the clients tell her what they need.Uhh… no.You’re

In part 4 of this series, I’m sharing with you how having your own coaching methodology can help you never have to sell yourself again. That’s right.  You’ll never have to sell yourself again.  So many new and struggling coaches stress out about the enrollment conversation. They don’t want to appear sales-y. Or they feel really uncomfortable selling