Can coaches make a living coaching?

Can coaches make a living coaching?


This may not be what you want to hear, but I’m gonna say it anyway.

Because I care about you.

The reason you’re still not making it as a coach is because……

You’re still trying to make it as a coach.

Let me paint a picture for you and see if it resonates…

Your mind is running a mile a minute with thoughts like……

This week I'm going to...

  • Get on those Facebook groups
  • Finally work on getting my website up
  • Go to three networking events
  • Research where my ideal clients are
  • Post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Oh… yeah, and I have to remember to put that graphic up on Instagram
  • Shoot. Where did I put that graphic?

Can you relate?

If so, then maybe it’s time for a new definition. 

One that doesn’t elicit non-coach-like reactions every time someone in your life asks you how coaching is going

If this whole coach thing feels like an endless stream of stress, self-doubt, and mini episodes of mind numbing panic…

Why wouldn’t you be open to a little change in the ole job description?

One that doesn’t require you to put on a fake smile every time someone asks you about your business.

One that gives you a yummy taste of the whole freedom lifestyle everyone’s been talking about.

Maybe even one that empowers you to serve in a way that only seems like a dream now.

The good news is…

There ARE coaches who own this job description.

But they didn’t get there by trying to do all the things. 

They got there by seeing themselves as an entrepreneur first. And a coach second. 

And then learning the practical business skills and strategies that position them as the go-to coach in their niche.

Opening them up to a deep well of abundance and impact.

Now, you're probably thinking... 

“Great. Now you’re telling me I have to put even more on my plate!?”


Think of it as more of an adjustment. A strategic, entrepreneur-like adjustment to your business.

Where you’re not doing ALL THE THINGS.

But you’re doing the right things. The right things for YOU.

Here are a couple of examples to show you what I mean:

Coach First:

  • Every once in a while, goes into a Facebook group to be helpful. 
  • Ends up spending 90-minutes scrolling, reading, and occasionally being helpful. 

Entrepreneur First:

  • Sets a time block of 15 minutes (she sets a timer) 3-days a week to go into the Facebook Group and be helpful wherever possible
  • Keeps track of people she's helped for potential follow-up later. This includes check-ins to see how her helpful advice was received, as well as building those potential new relationships
  • Copies and pastes words from ideal clients into "target market" spreadsheet to be used for later use. This includes building a holistic picture of her ideal client avatar and community. AND using this info in future marketing materials. 
  • Once those 15-minutes are up, she's outta there and on to her next task. 

Coach First:

  • Attends a networking event meeting new people
  • Thinks of every person as a potential client
  • Either coaches every new person or chatters on about her business
  • Tries to get someone to sign up for coaching right away
  • Passes out her business card like its candy at Halloween

Entrepreneur First:

  • Understands that business is about building long-term relationships
  • Attends a networking event to meet new people and start building those relationships
  • Sees every new person as a potential client or a potential referral
  • Asks a ton of questions to get to know each individual person she meets
  • Gathers business cards from the people she speaks to with the plan to follow up within the next few days
  • Gathers enough information to know the person's interests. And uses that information to find articles, etc. that the person might find interesting and/or useful
  • Blocks out time in her schedule in the next day or two to research articles, etc. and follow-up w/ her new connections

Can you see the difference? 

A coach with an entrepreneur first approach has a specific goal and strategy for every action she takes.

A coach who just thinks like a coach will often have no clear strategy and will try new things a few times. If it doesn't pan out, she'll give up and move on to something else.

So my question for you is...

Where in your business have you been taking a coach first approach? 

And how might you tweak things to think like an entrepreneur first? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

With love & joy,

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