Are you building assets?

Are you building assets?

I'd like to talk to you today about the idea of building assets in your business.

Assets are things that you do once but can pay off for years to come.

The trick to making something an asset is to think in terms of making it 'evergreen.'

Something that is evergreen is just as relevant 5 years from now as it is today.

For example, most of my blog posts I would consider evergreen, and therefore, an asset.

Coaches could stumble across my blog in 2025 and most of the articles would be useful to them.

And, you'll notice, that I don't put the dates on my blog posts.

No reason to if they're evergreen.

The cool thing is that you can build assets into every part of your business.

Here are some examples:


Pieces of content (podcasts, videos, blog posts). You can link to these pieces of content from social media, Facebook Ads, etc.

Opt-in sequences to freebie giveaways. You could eventually have several of these on your site and link out to them all over social media.

Social media posts. You could use an app that lets you repost your social media in the future. Eventually you'll build a huge library of social media posts that keep working for you.

Courses. Create once, sell over and over.

Books. These could be published or eBooks that you sell online.

Signature Talk. The outline of your coaching methodology can be the foundation of a signature talk. You can do everything from give the highlights in a quick, 10-minute talk, a 45-minute webinar, an hour long talk at someone else's event, or even your own multi-day event.


An enrollment conversation that you refine every time you meet with someone. One that keeps getting higher and higher conversion rates. Eventually, perhaps, one that you can teach to a team member so that you can focus on other things in your business.


These include things like templates, checklists, and processes for tasks you do over and over. For example, if you write an email to a potential client, you could turn it into a template for future use. 

As you move forward in your business, you'll want to keep the idea of building assets in the back of your mind. With any new thing that you create — blog post, email, whatever — be asking whether it can be turned into an asset.

It will serve you well down the road.

With love & joy,


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