Habit stacking.A cool name.An even cooler concept.A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the different types of habits -- goal-, system-, and identity-driven habits -- that James Clear discusses in his book Atomic Habits.In that article, I mentioned that we want to start with identity-driven habits because they inform our goal and system-driven habits.Today, I wanted to talk about an easy way we can build those habits into our daily lives. And that is habit-stacking (also called habit chaining).The idea is that we add the new habits we want to build onto the habits we already have in

I read an article this week in Psychology Today that discussed the good and bad of journaling.Intriguing.I never thought of journaling as having a bad side.I've always found it to be quite helpful.But the article made some good points and I thought I'd share them because I know hundreds of coaches who use journaling as part of the coaching they do with clients.The article makes the case that there is a right way and a wrong way to journal.For example, if we do it wrong, journaling has the potential to make us...passively observe life instead of living in the

Over the weekend, I was reading a summary of the book, Atomic Habits by James Clear.And I was reminded of a concept that is super useful to growing a business AND helping clients get results.Clear talks about how there are three different types of habits...Goal-Driven HabitsSystem-Driven HabitsIdentity-Driven HabitsGoal-Driven Habits are behaviors we put in place to reach a specific goal. Let's use a new coach as an example. She might have the goal of attracting her first client. For her, a goal driven habit might be to spend two hours on Saturday reaching out to her network of friends and acquaintances letting

The first quarter of 2022 is done and dusted. That seemed fast, didn't it?The end of every quarter always has me thinking about my goals and what I want most out of life.The end of a quarter is a fantastic time to review the past quarter, rethink your goals, and plan the next quarter.And a while back, I came across an old blog article by Forest Co about defining a chief aim for your life. I think the idea originally came from Think And Grow Rich.The idea is to define a chief aim that is simple, to the point,

I have a six-figure business now because I dialed in my niche.Honestly, I would not be here writing to you if I had not narrowed it down to coaches. I’d still be floundering, trying to do ALL. THE. THINGS — being a jack-of-all-trades business coach. Never feeling truly confident in what I had to offer.If you’ve been stuck on your niche, I probably don’t need to tell you it’s not a fun place to be.In the past few weeks, I’ve shared quite a few of the benefits of dialing in your niche, but I thought I’d take this opportunity

Are you worried your niche is too saturated?That you won’t be able to find enough clients if you narrow it down?I’ve had many conversations with coaches who have felt the same way.And I get it.I had the same worry when I decided to move from being a general business coach to working with just coaches.And guess what?Pretty much every niche feels saturated.And yet, there are almost 8 billion people in the world. 332 million of those people are in the United States alone.And, let’s say you narrow your niche down to women ages 30-34.There are 11,270,000 women in that