Barbara Corcoran's Badassery

Barbara Corcoran’s Badassery

A friend shared this letter with me and I have to share it with you.

It's so badass and inspiring, you'll want to save it.

Which is exactly what I did.

I keep a "mindset" file where I put all of the amazing, inspiring stuff I come across so I can refer back to it whenever I need an extra boost.

And this went to the top of the list.

Go read it now. It will only take you a minute or two. I promise it's worth it. And then come back.

Are you back? Did you read it?

Amazing, right?

Don't you just feel like you want to conquer the world now? 

Or at least your coaching business?

It's a seriously powerful reminder of how much control we have over our own EVERYTHING.

We don't need to let anyone else's stuff (negative opinions, fears, etc) get in the way of what we want for ourselves.

And NO ONE has a clue what we're capable of. Half the time we don't even know.

And it got me thinking about the times in my own life where I've used other's opinions of what I wasn't capable of to fuel me to prove them wrong.

The swim coach who didn't put me in my normal place with the first relay team because I'd been sick the week before even though I told him I wouldn't let him down. He still let me be the starter for the third relay team (I came in first).

The ex who told me I was stupid and would never amount to anything (While I didn't get the Ph.D to prove him wrong, I did feel TREMENDOUS satisfaction when I did).

A few bosses here and there.

So how about you?

Have you let others negative opinions fuel you to greater things?

With love & joy,


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