Are your client files as organized as they could be?

Are your client files as organized as they could be?

Back when I was a freelance web designer during grad school, I had to come up with a way to keep my client files organized. 

I’ve used a modified version of it as a business coach because it's important to never waste time looking for files.

Searching for files is probably the #1 silent time waster for coaches.

I bet it wastes HOURS of your time EVERY single week without you even realizing it!

So I thought I’d share my digital filing system with you in hopes that it will help get your own files organized. 

Super Simple Coaching Filing System

Under my 'Clients' folder, I have a folder for each client that is just their name. You probably do, too. 

Within this folder, I have sub-folders for each category of my signature program. Since I mainly coach people through The Coaches Accelerator, my signature course, it's based on the modules within that course: 

01 Transformation
02 Avatar

I add the numbers so it sorts in the order we work through. 

In these folders is where we keep everything relevant to that area of coaching. It includes any call recordings, implementation guides, playbooks, checklists, etc. 

So there you have it. Pretty simple. 

Imagine never having to dig through old projects in different places. It’s all there by client and the area they're working through. It will save you a ton of time (and by extension, money). 

I keep these files and folders in Google Drive and share the link with the client. That way, all they need to do is go to their folder and find what they're looking for. 

And the best part is that I've created a template for this folder system, so all I have to do is duplicate the template and all the subfolders are created automatically. Nice!

With love & joy,


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