Are you owning your expertise?

Are you owning your expertise?

Full transparency: This blog post is a bit of a journal entry. Trying to get my head wrapped around something.

As you may know, I offer Coach Action Plans. These are 45-minute calls with me that are designed to help coaches get clearer on their next action steps.

I've been conducting these calls several times per week for over a year now. And most of the coaches are thrilled with them.

After the call I ask them to give me feedback through a quick questionnaire. As part of the feedback I ask them to rate the call from 1-10.

Most of the time I see 10's, with the occasional 9. And on rare occasions, I'll see a rating of 7.

And because I'm human, the 7's bother me.

So, I've been trying to figure out if there are any similarities among the coaches who give a 7.

What I've realized is that they share one thing — they come in wanting a very specific thing and are resistant to my process.

And because I can feel that resistance, I have gone off my process and tried to accommodate what they said they needed.

And they've been less than thrilled with the outcome and rated the call at a 7.

And now that I've been writing this out and thinking this through, I realize that I haven't been showing up as the expert with the rated 7 calls.

And, honestly, I really need to.

I've done hundreds of these calls at this point.

Once you've done almost anything hundreds of times, you get a kind of sixth sense with them.

I know my stuff.

And I need to own that.

On every call.

I share this with you because I've also seen something similar with a client or two. They are an expert in the thing they coach in and yet, they accept clients who have their own agendas and end up compromising the work. The coaches then don't provide their entire coaching methodology because some clients "don't want that part."

But the whole is how you help clients make the transformation permanent.

For example, imagine being a being a weight loss coach who signs up clients who don't want to work on their mindset and limiting beliefs. They just want you to give them recipes and tell them what exercises to do.

How successful do you think you'll be to help them lose weight permanently?

Not so successful, right?

As coaches. And experts. We need to stand our ground and only take clients who understand the importance of our ENTIRE process.

And own our expertise. 

With love & joy,


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