Are you multi-tasking the right way?

Are you multi-tasking the right way?

You probably know that trying to multitask doesn’t work for most people. Our brains don’t work that way.

Instead of doing tasks simultaneously, our brains switch tasks quickly. Each time this happens it takes a bit more energy and decreases how efficient we are.

That’s for doing two or more mental tasks at once.



  • Working and listening to music with lyrics
  • Driving and talking on the phone
  • Reading a text or email while meeting with your team

Psychology Today has an interesting test you can take that proves this point. It was developed by a group based in Denmark.

However, there is a way to multitask that maximizes productivity and fun.

It’s all about combining something physical with something mental.

Here are a few examples…

  • Listening to podcasts (mental) while running (physical)
  • Listening to a juicy audiobook (mental) while cleaning your home (physical)
  • Talking with a friend (mental) while going for a walk (physical)
  • Listening to a fun kids novel (mental) while doing crafts with your kids (physical)

This is the only form of multitasking that makes sense and has worked for me.

With love & joy,


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