Are you making these six website mistakes? (part 1)

Are you making these six website mistakes? (part 1)

Day 3 of the 30-day challenge and I'm already cheating.

The next 6 blog posts are going to be a 6-part series on the 6 big mistakes I see coaches make when it comes to their websites.

(I've got my topics covered for the next 6 days. Score!)

I've seen hundreds of coaches make these mistakes. And I want to make sure that you're not making them yourself.

So, here they are...

  1. 1
    They fuss over the domain name.
  2. 2
    They futz with their site for way too long.
  3. 3
    Their website is all about them.
  4. 4
    They stress over the logo.
  5. 5
    They stress about their "brand."
  6. 6
    They have an "If I build it, they will come" kind of attitude.

Maybe you can relate to one or more of these?

In the six-part series, I'll address all of them and hopefully help you see how your website can help you with your business, but it’s only one part of a much larger picture.

Today, let's talk about #1...

They fuss over the domain name.

I feel like I've owned every domain name out there, trying to get it just right.

And many, many, many more. 

The reason I went back to using my last name is because I'm a coach. Many people will be working with me directly. Personalizing the domain seemed like a good idea and it has been. 

There's nothing wrong with using your name in some form. 

And, most likely, you'll be able to find something that is actually available. 

There's no reason to get fancy or clever. 

Clarity is actually rule #1 when it comes to business. 

Your potential clients don't care if you're clever. 

They want to know if you can help them. 

Can this person help me lose weight permanently?
Can this person help me have a better worklife?
Can this person help me get out of this soul sucking job?
Can this person help me get my teenage daughter to stop rolling her eyes at me and actually talk to me?
Can this person help me find the love of my life?

Domain names like "" aren't necessary.

And really, what does that even mean? 

Is it my business that's my way? Or is it their business their way?

Who knows?

And from the perspective of my potential clients, who cares? Not interested. Moving on.

If you have a domain name already and you're happy with it, great. Stick with it. 

If not, use your name if you can and move on. 

You have more important things to worry about.

Part 2: Do you futz with your website for far too long?

With love & joy,


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