Another hater email, another lesson

Another hater email, another lesson

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post with the headline "Motivation is a lack of clarity"

I had a couple gals point out that my subject line was opposite of what I meant.

Which is totally true.

The first gal said it nicely and constructively.

The second gal... not so much.

The first gal is still on my email list because I appreciate her constructive feedback.

The second gal is not. I deleted her from the list.

And here's why...

I'm very clear on who my ideal client avatar is.

See, an ideal client avatar isn't just to help you get clear on who you want to serve so you can create messaging and content to serve him or her.

As you build a profitable business, having an ideal client avatar can help you...

  • make clear decisions about your business
  • focus on what's most important
  • decrease shiny object syndrome

To give you an example, my ideal client avatar...

  • is warm-hearted and caring
  • loves people and wants them to succeed and be happy with themselves and their lives
  • feels she's meant to be a coach
  • has a real talent for coaching
  • has other strengths and a genius zone unique to her (although she may not know what all of those are yet)
  • is determined to have a profitable coaching business and doesn't want to waste time on things that don't move her forward (and thus sees the incredible value my courses and coaching have on helping her reach her goals 🙂

She is not someone who thinks it's okay to point out someone's mistakes in a mean way. In fact, it wouldn't even occur to her to do so.

First, she's not that type of person.

Second, she's too busy working on her own business to worry about something so insignificant.

Third, she can see the bigger picture. She understands that I'm someone wanting to help her and yes, because I'm human, I will l make the occasional mistake. But so what, she appreciates all the tips and strategies I share with her from week to week.

And she really appreciates my courses and coaching (She is my ideal client, after all).

Ever since I received the "eff you" email that I wrote about several months ago, I've gotten really clear on how I want to handle feedback. It pretty much goes like this...

  1. 1
    Is this person trying to be helpful and constructive?
  2. 2
    If yes, is her feedback something I can or want to take action on? (basically, is there a lesson here)
  3. 3
    If yes, take the action.
  4. 4
    Thank her for the feedback.

If the person is being mean, I file the email in case she shows up in my email again and then I delete her from my list. And then I don't think about it again. I certainly don't bother to reply.

As I mentioned when I wrote about the "eff you" email, it took me about an hour to decide how I wanted to handle it.

That's an hour of my time that I wasn't...

  • helping a client
  • writing a blog post or email to support my community
  • working on my business
  • having fun

And after that, I just decided, no more.

My business is about helping the coaches who need, appreciate, and deserve my help.

I invite you to take a look at your ideal client avatar and reflect on how knowing exactly who he or she is can help you focus your business even further.

With love & joy,


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