Do you know the anatomy of a powerful order form?

One of my clients was looking to improve the order form for one of their signature products.

As they should.

There’s nothing worse than working 12+ hour days on a big launch and then losing sales because of a bad order form.


So much time is spent writing emails, setting up the autoresponders, creating landing and sales pages, and working with JV partners. From my experience and what I’ve seen in the field, order forms almost seem like an afterthought.

That’s a mistake.

An order form is your last chance to tell your potential customer that…

  • You’re an authority.
  • They can trust you.
  • Your program/product is exactly what they need.
  • check-circle
    They can do what’s necessary to be successful.

A tall order for an order form, I know.  Yet, I’ve seen one that works amazingly well.

Amy Porterfield had a launch for her Webinars That Convert program a while back. I grabbed a screenshot of the order form so I could share it with you. Here’s a link to the full screenshot:

Webinars That Convert Order Form

Amy and her designer(s) incorporated subtle psychological strategies throughout the order form. I’m not sure if they did it consciously, but here is what I noticed and why it works.

  • The design is gorgeous, clean, and it flows really well. People look at it and think, hmm, this is going to be easy to fill out. (and subconsciously… if her order form is this easy to fill out, the program must be easy as well).
  • The background of the titles subtly take the shape of arrows that lead you down the page naturally. You almost can’t help but fill it out.
  • It says ‘SECURE ORDER FORM’ at the top which is a subtle way of saying “You’re Safe. I’ve got your back.” The word ‘secure’ is on the page in some form 5 times.
  • Three solid testimonials on the side with pictures. It’s always better to have pics with testimonials. Makes it more real.
  • The 60-day refund policy is right next to where people put in their credit card numbers.
  • Her ‘Need Help?’ section is right near the submit button. Customers know that she has a support team, the team is only a click away if they need help or have questions.

What do you think? See anything I missed?

With love & joy,

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About the Author Selena Tramayne

Selena Tramayne, Ph.D. is the founder of The Tramayne Group, which provides programs and coaching services to benefit new and emerging coaches. She runs online masterminds and group coaching, as well as provides one-on-one consulting to amazing coaches who want to take their business to the next level. When not working in and on her business, she can be found hiking, mountain biking, and going on bliss walks near her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.