An important step to attracting clients

An important step to attracting clients

This morning, I checked to see how many Coach Action Plans I’ve done since starting them back in 2019.

The Coach Action Plan is a 45-minute call I offer coaches to help them move past places in their business where they’re getting stuck.

As of this morning, I’ve conducted 258 Coach Action Plans.

While it’s been amazing to help that many coaches move past the stuck areas in their business, it’s also given me something that I hadn’t thought of when I first started these.

It’s given me an incredible amount of clarity around their goals and dreams, as well as their struggles and challenges.

Having this depth of knowledge has allowed me to create coaching programs, courses, and workshops specifically designed to help them overcome their struggles and challenges, so they can reach their goals and dreams.

For example, the idea for the Coach’s Copy Course came about from multiple conversations I had with coaches who struggle to write clear and compelling copy.

I firmly believe that it is absolutely impossible to build a successful coaching practice without this depth of knowledge about the community you serve.

That’s why market research is just so important.

Before market research, your community members are strangers. You don't know much about them.

Market research allows you to make the connection between their needs and how you can best help them.

And it allows you to convey that understanding to them so they know you’re the coach for them.

I've met a lot of coaches who either don't like to do market research, or find it a waste of time.

I find that unfortunate.

Getting to know your community in a deep way is an extension of coaching.

You can't help your clients if you don't understand their deepest needs, desires, and struggles.

And you can't attract potential clients to you, if you don't understand their deepest needs, desires, and struggles.

Thus, market research is critical to having a thriving coaching business.

So my question for you is...

Have you conducted enough market research to know your community at the deepest levels?

With love & joy,


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