A library of assets

A library of assets

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of building assets in your business.

I know that some people reading that email will think "I have to do all those things. Right now."

Let me just say, that building assets is NOT about doing all the things right now.

Think about it like this...

What if you created one new asset per week? (not 20 in a day 😉

You would have 50 new assets in a year (giving yourself a vacation of course).

That's not bad. Not bad at all. 

And, of course, some assets will take longer than others. 

An opt-in sequence with new freebie giveaway will take longer than a series of social media posts, for example.

So, instead of thinking you have to do them all right now...

Think of it more like having a library of assets that you continue to build on, where eventually you have hundreds out there working for you, helping you grow your business.

Nice, right?

With love & joy,


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