6 characteristics of coaches who are "naturally good" at selling

6 characteristics of coaches who are “naturally good” at selling

As I’ve worked with coaches over the past several years, I’ve come across some who are naturally good “salespeople.” 

Meaning, they can sell their coaching services without even trying. They have a chat with a random stranger and before they know it, the random stranger is asking how they can work with them. 

And in the past two weeks, I’ve had enrollment conversations with two gals who have this seemingly natural talent. 

And it got me thinking, what are they doing differently than the rest of the coaches I work with? 

How are they able to have a conversation with someone and get hired as a coach? 

And, is it a skill that the rest of coaches can learn?

While I don’t have all the answers, I do have a few insights that can help you if you’re one of the coaches that do not have this natural ability. 

What I’ve noticed about these coaches is...

1 ) They’re relaxed. 

They’re not thinking of this person as a “prospect.” They’re there to have fun, enjoy the person’s company, and just have a conversation. No hidden agenda. And the person can feel that. 

People pick up on whether we have hidden motives. So, if we’re coming in thinking this could be a potential client, we’re probably giving off a signal that’s doing the opposite of what we want. 

2 ) They’re curious. 

They sincerely want to get to know others. They ask questions that get the other person sharing about themselves — their hopes, dreams, goals, struggles, challenges. All the things. 

3 ) They listen. 

Have you ever eavesdropped on a conversation on a plane or in a cafe where two people have just met? And they’re talking over each other? One is just waiting for the other person to stop talking before she can share her story. 

Coaches who sign up random strangers don’t do that. They listen. They let the other person talk and tell their stories. And... they ask questions because they’re truly interested in learning more. 

4 ) They fully accept the person as they are.

They don’t judge. Even if the person has different views than their own, they don’t judge the other person. They understand that we all have our own opinions and different ways of seeing the world. Our own filters and paradigms. And their natural curiosity allows them to see other people as unique and different, but not less than. 

5 ) They offer valuable insight.

Because they’re relaxed, curious, able to listen fully, and accept the person as they are without judgment, they end up with a more a holistic view of the other person and their situation.

This allows them to offer valuable insight. It’s usually something that the person has not been able to see themselves. The person has an “aha” moment and has seen their situation more clearly. That's some pretty powerful stuff.  

6 ) Underlying all of this is a focus on the other person.

Think about the last time you felt anxiety in a social situation. My guess is that you were focused on how you’d be perceived and not about learning more about the other person. 

The next time you meet someone new, and you go in relaxed, curious, listening fully with no judgment, and focused on them (and not you), it’s much more likely that you can offer them some insight that opens things up for them.

And potentially leads to a new client, or friend. 

I hope you found this helpful!

With love & joy,


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