The 30-Day Writing Challenge

The 30-Day Writing Challenge

Yesterday, I watched this video by Shane Melaugh.

In it he challenges his audience to create and publish content for 30 days straight without worrying about whether it's good or not.

See, a lot of business owners get caught up with thinking their stuff has to be perfect before getting it out in the world.

He's basically saying, no, it's more important to create, get it out there, and know that not everything you create will hit the mark with your audience.

And that's ok.

He gives a great analogy of a boxer.

See, experienced fighters expect to get hit in the face. It's part of what they do. It's no big deal. They don't feel an emotional charge when it happens. They just move on and figure out their next move.

Beginning boxers, on the other hand, have an emotional reaction. There's an emotional charge to getting hit.

But the more they fight, the less charge they feel until finally they don't feel a charge at all.

And business works the same way.

In the beginning, business owners feel every little setback or "failure." There's an emotional charge.

Didn't get the open rates you wanted? Emotional charge.

Launch didn't go as well as you'd planned? Emotional charge.

But what Shane is saying is that when you do it enough, see the ups and downs that are just a natural part of running a business, there's no more emotional charge to the downs.

You begin to look at the ups and downs as learning opportunities to inform your next thing. That's it.

It's a great way to run a business.

And he challenges his readers to put content out there every day so that they can get to the point of being neutral about the ups and downs faster.

While I am not the new business owner he's talking to, I do still have an emotional charge to creating content.

So, I've decided to take up his challenge. Write a blog post and email every day.

Good, bad, or ugly.

Doesn't matter.

The goal will be to get it done. And let it go.

I hope you'll join me. 

May we run our businesses with ease and flow, staying neutral when things don't quite work out the way we planned.

With love & joy,


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